14:20 15/06/2015  


Dear friends,
my italian friend Valerio has brought the story of a young woman (Beth) to my attention and we both think that helping her is a good way to start a new charitable effort.

Beth G. is 21 and is in a life threatening position all because she has the terrible misfortune to have two illness: Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS) which has led to Anorexia. The two illnesses cause Beth's mind to be in constant turmoil. KLS causes her to crave foods during episodes but her anorexia is so advanced that eating anything but small quantities is dangerous. Her mum has to keep a close eye on everything she eats. After an episode the anorexia kicks in and the self starvation starts all over again. Despite all this Beth has regularly raised awareness to help those with KLS.
Beth wants to get well but can only achieve this now with financial help.

Her Insurance is not covering everything she needs. Let's give her a helping hand. All proceeds of this personalized autographetd photos (Elvis and me 1977) will go to help Beth. Thank you!